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When I was in high school, I had a friend who went by the name of The Toastmaster General. Now, the thing you have to understand about this cat is that he was FRUMPY. He was so damn frumpy it would make your eyes bug out, you dig? There aren't many cats around like him these days, in fact there weren't back when I knew him, either. That might be a good thing, come to think of it. Anyway, we used to get up to some pretty weird things back then. One of our favorite pass times was to make bizarre prank phone calls from pay phones, which we would record using a primitive suction-cup microphone which would be stuck to the back of the receiver (bear in mind that this was back in like 1999; nowadays you could probably just record yourself on Skype). As you may have already guessed, this track is one of those very recordings.


from Taking Back Thursday, released July 12, 2009



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The Muffin Recording Company Portland, Oregon

Styop Quoons is made entirely out of candy. You should not only listen to him, you should lick him like a lollipop.

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