Partial Hurricanes Act V: Lester and Lilly

from by Styop Quoons

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Act V: Lester and Lilly

As he puts the finishing touches on his shiny new kitten-launching device, there is a knock at the door. “Well,” says Lester to himself, “If it isn’t Lilly Maalox.” This young and impressionable girl has been following his exploits for some time now, and don’t think he hasn’t noticed. He beckons her inside, and shows her his latest invention, and cackles with glee at the look of delight that springs into her eyes.

“Come,” he says, “Let me show you how it works.”



I am
By what you do

I have
A desire
I’ll be of use to you


I’m busy
At the moment
I have some work to do

But I could
Spare a moment
To do some stuff to you


You are
So amazing
I stand in awe of you

Please know
That I love you
I’ll do my best for you


from Polydactyly, released February 6, 2015




The Muffin Recording Company Portland, Oregon

Styop Quoons is made entirely out of candy. You should not only listen to him, you should lick him like a lollipop.

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