Love Me a Little Bit More

from by The Styop Quoons Experience

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One of my favorite things to do on SongFight (which for some reason seems to vex people and cost my songs support) is to take the title and, rather than going for an obvious interpretation, see how far outside the framework I can go and still have the title fit what I'm writing about. I feel that this approach was particularly necessary with a title like this, which, as anyone familiar with the SongFight community could predict, was certain to result in a huge fight consisting primarily of schmultzy love songs. Since love songs, particularly schmultzy ones, are not something I've ever been able to bring myself to do anyway, I instead presented SF with this: a catchy little pseudo-rap about a man who inadvertently murders his little girl's pet, and is witnessed attempting to dispose of the evidence. Response was as predictable as the fight itself. I particularly like the horn solo here; it reminds me of something Cake would do.



I was nearly half asleep
When I put my hands upon the sink
Not knowing what disaster
Such a harmless act would cause

For presently when I stepped back
I felt a squish and heard a crack
I hope that's not a hamster
Was the thought that gave me pause

A single look beneath my shoe
Confirmed my greatest fear was true
Poor Fluffy's guts were spilled out
All across the bathroom tile

I asked myself what have I done?
No more will Fluffy ever run
Inside that little wheel
That used to really make him smile

Fluffy died today
Don't know what to say
Wish it wasn't so
She must never know

Don't panic now I softly said
Nobody even knows he's dead
Just flush him down the toilet
And we'll say he ran away

I flushed away the guts and mess
And with a sponge I did my best
To clean up all the remnants
That might leave a stain one day

I thought it was the perfect crime
But presently I heard a whine
And whimpering coming from the door
That led out to the stairs

I turned around and promptly saw
My daughter standing with her jaw
Hung open and I asked her
How long you been standing there?

Fluffy's gone away
Someplace far away
Young one don't you cry
Everything must die

I didn't see your rodent when he ran through the door
I stepped on him and now he is a part of the floor
You think that you could love me just a little bit more?
We'll buy you another pet when we're at the store


from Taking Back Thursday, released July 12, 2009



all rights reserved


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