Howard Cosell

from by Styop Quoons

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This song is probably the oldest song on the EP, going as far back as summer of 2003. At the time, I worked at a gas station. Usually I would start work at about 2 PM, work until about 10, come home, watch Adult Swim until about 3 AM, go to bed, wake up in time to get to work, repeat.

For whatever reason, I got it into my head that it was abnormal to be sleeping until 1 in the afternoon, so I decided to try and normalize my sleeping cycle by not going to bed one morning, staying awake all day, and working until 10. The theory, I think, is that by the time I got off work that night I would be so tired that I would fall right to sleep and wake up at a more normal time, like maybe 10 AM or so, and thus be on a sleep schedule consistent with that of a responsible adult.

Well, it didn't exactly work out the way I'd planned. Turns out, after staying up for about 33 hours straight, I did indeed fall right to sleep as I had planned; however, I was so sleep deprived that I wound up sleeping from ten that night until one the following afternoon anyway.

However, the whole thing did have one distinctly beneficial outcome: at around six or seven that night at work, I had reached that magical stage of tired where really bizarre ideas start to pop into your head, and strange things become really, really funny for some reason. I managed to write lyrics (sung to the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In), as well as a lead-in sketch for the song, all of which revolved around a bunch of pothead teenagers coming across a potato that bears a striking resemblance to 1970's sportscaster Howard Cosell.

I've been carrying this tune around with me for a good many years now, always intending to record it, never quite getting around to it.

Until now, of course.


from Egyptian Hairstyles, released October 12, 2011



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