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This one was a songfight title from, oh, I don't remember when exactly. I want to say like October of '08 or so. This one has some personal significance to me, because it was the first "song" song I'd ever written, ie a set of chord changes with lyrics and a tune, as opposed to just a beat with some samples thrown over it. I was immensely proud of it when I wrote it, and, like most everything else I've ever submitted to songfight that I was highly excited about, its reception from that particular community was lukewarm. However, this still remains one of my personal favorites out of my early catalog, such as it is.



I was a ghost from long ago
Last night in this dream I had
In life this man would run around
Burning all the things that made him mad

But one fine day he died in a fire
Not of his design
So now he's an angry ghost that wanders around
Setting fires all the time

The ghost I was in the dream last night
Went down to Hollywood town
He found it cheap and made of wax
And resolved to burn it all down

But as that molten wax flowed forth
It soon was plain to see
That now the world was flooding with wax
At a most alarming speed

The very next day when I woke up
There was a riot outside my door
And in the streets a river of wax
That hadn't been there the night before

That evil ghost had posessed my brain
Against my own desire
Now we're all drowning in Hollywood wax
I made when I set that fire

Now we're all drowning in Hollywood wax
I made when I set that fire


from Taking Back Thursday, released July 12, 2009



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