His Last Few Days

from by Styop Quoons

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Around the time this EP was nearing completion, I felt that it needed a sort of ballad-type song to round it out. Fortunately, SongFight was kind enough to provide me with a title that worked perfectly.

This song was originally meant to be sort of like Kim Jong Il singing "I'm So Ronery"; the inspiration came from seeing those videos of Osama Bin Laden spending the last days of his life sitting on the sofa, watching the news to see if anybody mentions him. It was just so touchingly pathetic you almost start to feel sorry for the guy. Almost, anyway.

Now, I don't want to give the impression that this song is meant to be sympathetic, or even political in any way; honestly, I have little interest in politics and zero interest in writing political music. What I'm trying to say is just sort of like, "wow, it would pretty much suck to be that guy." That's all.

I mean, Al Qaeda and the whole Arab world are basically the equivalent of a bunch of whiny, angsty American teenagers when you really get down to it; all they can do is bitch and complain about how nothing's fair and nobody understands them and blah blah blah. Then, instead of just airing their grievances like rational people, they have to go and blow shit up and make a big, huge spectacle to try and get everyone's attention.

Well, I guess Osama did precisely that, but unfortunately for him, it worked too well; once that shit was done, that was it. With the whole world looking for him, I guess it stands to reason that there wouldn't have been much for him to do except to go hide in the basement, and then spend the next ten years watching the rest of the world move on and basically stop giving a shit. Leave the basement and get killed, stay in the basement and die slowly; doesn't that choice just suck?

He probably knew that he'd get found eventually, too, and I would imagine that would just make the whole experience suck even worse. To just wake up every morning knowing that the rest of your life will be spent waiting to either get shot in the eye by special forces, or just die of natural causes and be forgotten about. Yup, that would pretty much suck balls.

In the end, I think that this guy could have probably learned a thing or two from an American slacker like myself. Sure, I get mopey and whiny over basically nothing sometimes, but do you see me going around blowing up buildings? Of course not. If Osama Bin Laden had just worked out his frustrations by listening to goth rock and playing Grand Theft Auto like a normal person, instead of all of this let's-bomb-the-trade-center bullshit, he might be at home right now, enjoying a cool refreshing beverage and bitching about America on a blog that nobody reads. But did he? Noooooo. And look where he wound up.

Just saiyan.


Sit on the sofa
Count as the days go past
And I'm thinking maybe
Today might be the last

But if it's not I'll just
Sit by the TV collecting dust
This isn't quite how I thought it'd be
Wonder if they still remember me

Sit on the sofa
Every day's the same
Watch the TV
Will they mention my name?

But if they don't I'll just
Sit a dark room collecting dust
It's said and done made my point I guess
This is how I'll spend the rest
of my days.

Sit on the sofa
Sure ain't much to do
Wish that somebody out there
Would bring me a Mountain Dew

I'll remain here by and by
and when they shoot me I will die


from Egyptian Hairstyles, released October 12, 2011



all rights reserved


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Styop Quoons is made entirely out of candy. You should not only listen to him, you should lick him like a lollipop.

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